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The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 24 – Ministry and Marriage 2

Join Pastors Andy Addis and mark Clifton for a discussion on Marriage and Ministry. In this second part of a three-part marriage series, we focus on how to make a marriage comeback. If you are suffering, under tension, or are worried about your relationship’s direction, this podcast is for you!

Col 3:12-16 – Put On Good Marriage Practices

  • Become Aggressively thoughtful: compassionate hearts, kindness, humility
  • Treat your spouse better than anyone else: meekness, patience, bearing withone another
  • Practice forgiveness: if one has a complaint, forgive as the Lord forgives
  • Choose love as your dominant emotion: above all put on love
  • Ponder Gratitude: let the peace of Christ rule, and be thankful
  • Make your marriage God Centered: let the word dwell in you richly

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