The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 23 – Ministry and Marriage 1

Join Pastors Andy Addis and mark Clifton for a discussion on Marriage and Ministry. This week, focusing on some stats to reveal some things you may not know:

Don’t Commit Adultery with the church,

  • 38% do not get the attention they need from their spouse because the church needs so much.
  • 35% of spouses often resent the demands of ministry on their family.

You Set the Family Boundaries

  • • 79% agree the congregation expects their family to be a model family. • 49% believe their family lives in a fishbowl.
  • • 32% think their family does not have enough privacy.

Your Priority ministry is the family

  •  33% feel caught in a tug-of-war between church and family • 55% agree it is difficult to balance church and family.
  • 44% believe the church expects the needs of their family to be secondary to the church.
  • 55% agree it is difficult to balance church and family.

Resources mentioned:

Replant Rural Summit




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