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The Latest Episode

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 50 – Pastor Wives Appreciation Month

Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for some helpful hints for pastors on honoring their wives for Pastor Wives Appreciation Month (March). This was a live recording with a great audience at The 2024 Rural Summit!

Get the “Doing More Together” book here

The “Doing More Together” book identifies the primary needs of the rural church and pastor while chronicling the journey of a small, declining neighborhood church becoming a rural network of one church in many places. Choose your download format of either PDF or EPUB (Kindle and print versions coming soon!). The ePUB is a a zip file, download and open in your reader if you do such things. 

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Special thanks to Chosen Road for this incredible song and generosity in making it available to you. This is a prerelease before any album, so, enjoy!

The Rural Pastor Podcast

Because Everywhere Matters

This website exists because you do, the rural church leader. Because everyone and everywhere matters, the Rural Pastor Podcast exists to help stuck and struggling ministers and ministries thrive again by providing the quality resources needed to start making disciples and begin a new season of ministry!

There are three primary needs experienced by everyone doing ministry in rural places: low access to resources, vocational identity and isolation. Here is how the Rural Pastor Podcast wants to help:

  • Isolation – our podcast is designed to help build a community around the unique needs of rural pastors and ministry leaders. Our hosts are longtime practitioners who ask you to pull up a chair and get to know them and others on this journey. We hope to connect listeners through engagement and online relationships that will bear fruit in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Vocational identity – full-time ministry is not the big league, but anyone with their hand to the plow is a celebrated cold laborer in the kingdom! We want to identify, support and celebrate volunteer, bi-vocational and co-vocational, as well as full-time ministers. We want to create channels of communication and resources to meet those individual needs and let you know that what you do is important.
  • Access to resources – what if there was a portal filled with free resources from churches who valued those working in the small out-of-the-way places, and also understood who they were? What if it included sermons, graphic packages, print materials, small group materials, and so much more? What if there were churches all across the country who are wanting to give away what they do to you so that you can do what you do even better? What if all you had to do was click this link to get started:
Behind the show

Your Host

Andy Addis

Volunteer Rural Strategist for the Replant Team of the North American Mission Board

John Mark Clifton


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