I See You Pastor

November 23, 2022
Thank you to the rural church pastor. I am one of you, and I want to thank you for some things most people would not understand Thank you for the fact that holiday weekends are more weekend to you than holiday, and a weekend means a Sunday when you will be ready. Thank you for the countless times others’ emergencies have become your emergencies because pastoring is a 24/7 calling. Thank you for missing football games and naps to make time for sermon prep.  Thank you for working the “other job…

Prayer for Pastors

October 26, 2022
This is Andy Addis speaking here. I want to share with you a letter sent to pastors from a friend and mentor who is the Associational Mission Strategist of the Heart Of Kansas Southern Baptist Association. Glenn Davis is a treasure to me, and I hope this letter is a treasure to you. Father, On this occasion of Pastor Appreciation Month, I come to You to pray for the men who lead churches across this association. Heavenly Father, I come to You because You are good, and You are gracious.  Your…

Your story, my story, our story

September 29, 2022
The following is an excerpt from the introduction of  “Doing More Together” which you can download in its entirety on the resource page resource page! His old late ‘90s pickup rolled up in front of their house and seemed to settle into place with familiar creaks in the suspension and pops of gravel still stuck between the treads from the dirt road that brought him home. After he turned off the ignition, he sat for a moment, enjoying the quiet. A couple of bicycles littered the front yard, ex…

Preaching Is Hard

July 31, 2022
Let me begin with an understatement: preaching is hard. We love it, we’re called to it, but every time we stand in the pulpit, we expose a little bit of our soul and stick our neck out. Preaching is hard. One of the many reasons preaching is challenging is the different kinds of ears receiving the message. I’ve always found it amazing how the same message can affect individuals in the same congregation entirely differently. After a recent message, I received several pats on the back from mem…

Separating Theology From Methodology

June 6, 2022
We’ve all been there. Flipping through the channels on a sleepless night, attempting to drown out all the thoughts with senseless infomercials. And, for a moment, we might even be tempted to give in: Maybe that’s all you need to do to lose weight. I wonder if that stuff could flex enough to seal the baptistry? A panini would be good right now. Yes! I am finally getting those washboard abs. But, long before dawn, you come to your senses and realize there are no easy fixes or one size fits al…

An open letter to church planters (and others)

May 30, 2022
I write this open letter to church planters because of the importance of the work you do, because I have a heart for pioneers and risk-takers, and because I pastor a church that believes in church planting and lives it. But, the truth is this letter is for pastors, leaders, and believers of all stripes. This is a dark world, and times are (to use the nicest term I can think of) precarious. These indeed are days when people have started to call good things evil and evil things good. Doing the …

Praying for you, for real this time

May 23, 2022
Do you ever just say stuff? You know, those moments when your mouth gets away from you and somewhere behind your eyes, your good ol’ pal, the brain is screaming, “What are you talking about?” Let’s consider a couple of examples: Someone asks you to run the school fundraiser even though your kids graduated last year, and before you think it through, your mouth pops off with a confident, “Sure!” Someone at church asks if you’re ready for the presentation tomorrow and even though you don’t have …

An Open Letter to Pastors

May 16, 2022
This was an open letter to my brothers, friends, and comrades in arms known as CrossPoint Location Pastors, but I share it here as my heart for all of you as well. ——————————————— Brothers, As I have been studying the book of Joshua in my devotional time, I have been gleaning some lessons on leadership. I know the purpose of my study time is to hear from God and submit to Him. But, the side notepad of leadership ideas that stream from this book has caused me to think much about what I, you, a…

Hey pastor, calm down and just preach

May 9, 2022
As I’m preparing for preaching weekend, I was thinking about my fellow pastors who are doing the same all across the country and around the world. It caused me to want to send them a note, so here it is. For my personal devotional time, I’ve been cycling through the book of Romans. Many of you in the theological “know” will recognize that portions of this book are a battleground for specific theological camps regarding issues of predestination, free will, determinism, the free agency of man, …


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