The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 17 – Multisite Has Pandemic Advantages

November 17, 2022
Join Pastors Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for a discussion on preparing for whatever comes next. We can’t do ministry alone, and the recent pandemic has taught us valuable lessons on how to thrive in the coming “Whatever.” Tips for preparing for anything: • Commit to good and bad • Laser focus on who you are • Diversify your ministry mediums • Make sure ministry tools are always secondary to ministry :

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 16 – Multiplication Over Addition

November 3, 2022
It’s not enough to survive in ministry. You can thrive! When a local pastor and ministry take their eyes off of themselves and their issues and places them up to the Lord and the Kingdom, that’s the beginning of real change! Join Pastors Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for a discussion on becoming a multiplying movement of a church: Movement-making steps: Starts with prayer Is a matter of personal revival Kingdom Focused Jesus exalting

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 15 – Learning From Losses

October 13, 2022
In this episode, we face the reality that if we do anything worth doing, part of the process will be failing. When that happens, you can either learn from it or keep failing. Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton to get a handle on being able to fail well!   How to fail well: • Focus on what you have, not what you lost • Be painfully honest with yourself and others • Be thankful for what you have learned, take stock • Depend On Jesus • Don’t do that again   Here are some links to the sug…

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 14 – Buildings Matter in Rurality

October 6, 2022
If you pastor in a rural place, you may not be valuing your building (or lack thereof) the way your community does. Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for a discussion on facilities and their use in the ministry of the church. Thanks to https:// exeter.anglican.org/resources/church-buildings/wider-use-church-buildings for helping us with this discussion Building should: • Represent the gathered church well (looks) • Submit to the mission of the church (and not become the mission of the chur…

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 13 – A Kingdom Focus Redefines Wins

September 15, 2022
There is no scarcity of resources in the Kingdom of God. We are more effective and less stressed when we learn to live and lead with an open hand.   Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for a frank discussion about being a church amongst the entire body of Christ! And, enjoy access to the resources of several churches who are so Kingdom minded they are willing to give everything away they can: replanthub.com     

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 12- Partnerships Are Essential

September 8, 2022
There is a truth: Christianity is a team sport. As you do ministry, do not do it alone. You need to start investing in relationships, resources and opportunities now. Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton as they reveal the value of operating outside yourself in real ministry partnerships.

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 11 – DNA Trumps Personality

September 1, 2022
The need for a pastor to establish a strong and healthy culture outside of their personality is paramount. Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton as they explore how to keep from fostering dependency on the pastor as you disciple, develop and deploy.

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 10- Using Video In Rurality

August 18, 2022
If video works for farmers, video can work anywhere! But, please know that video ministry is not THE way, or the best way… it’s just A way to do ministry in hard to reach places. Don’t be deterred by cost, tradition and don’t say no for other people. Instead, explore the possibilities of what might be a benefit to you and/or your congregation:   RePlantHub.com    

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 9 – Sometimes Leaders Lead By Stepping Down

August 11, 2022
Stepping down doesn’t mean stepping out… it’s raising others up to use their strengths when you have reached your limit. No pastor is a super human. We all have our limits and if we recognize them we can actually take our church further!

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 8 – People Follow Leaders Not Plans

August 4, 2022
People will follow leaders longer than they follow plans, but you need to be a leader worth following. Rural pastor, here are five ways to become that leader: Make good decisions love on people be vulnerable be honest lead fearlessly.

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