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The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 19 – Capitalizing On a New Year

Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton for a look at why resolutions don’t work but good plans can help you capitalize on a fresh start!


  • Resolutions fail because:
    • Unrealistic Expectations 
    • Goals without plans
    • Manufactured Miracles (expecting change without changing anything else)
    • Internal yielding to the external
    • No measured progress
  • How to Capitalize On A Fresh Start
    • Challenge Yourself Without Killing Yourself
    • Identify steps toward the goal (lead measures)
    • Make lateral adjustments for success, or change other stuff to help
    • Make your life a team sport
    • Celebrate progress 

Many blessings and Happy New Year! Make sure you share your opportunity to capatalize upon… we’ll be praying for you.



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