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The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 12- Partnerships Are Essential

There is a truth: Christianity is a team sport.

As you do ministry, do not do it alone. You need to start investing in relationships, resources and opportunities now.

Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton as they reveal the value of operating outside yourself in real ministry partnerships.

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 11 – DNA Trumps Personality

The need for a pastor to establish a strong and healthy culture outside of their personality is paramount. Join Andy Addis and Mark Clifton as they explore how to keep from fostering dependency on the pastor as you disciple, develop and deploy.

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 10- Using Video In Rurality

If video works for farmers, video can work anywhere! But, please know that video ministry is not THE way, or the best way… it’s just A way to do ministry in hard to reach places. Don’t be deterred by cost, tradition and don’t say no for other people. Instead, explore the possibilities of what might be a benefit to you and/or your congregation:





The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 9 – Sometimes Leaders Lead By Stepping Down

Stepping down doesn’t mean stepping out… it’s raising others up to use their strengths when you have reached your limit. No pastor is a super human. We all have our limits and if we recognize them we can actually take our church further!

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 8 – People Follow Leaders Not Plans

People will follow leaders longer than they follow plans, but you need to be a leader worth following. Rural pastor, here are five ways to become that leader:

    • Make good decisions
    • love on people
    • be vulnerable
    • be honest
    • lead fearlessly.

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 7 – Going Big With Vision

People follow vision more than they follow need. And they’re willing to put the hand to the plow when they see a big vision. Learn the difference between lead lag measures and set the bar high for what God’s called you to do!



The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 6- The Reality of Relationship

The pastor leader also needs to be the pastor shepherd. The importance of understanding relationships and valuing their role in pastoring is even more important in the rural context. Join us for this discussion and get a game plan to negotiate the gurgling waters of relationships from Walmart to the church to the porch to the kitchen.


Resources talked about within the podcast include:

3 Healthy Relationships Every Pastor Should Have

http://replant hub.com 


The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 5 – On Biblical Preaching

The rural pastor is like any pastor, a sermon is due every Sunday morning! But when you’re bi-vocational and pulled in numerous directions what does your preparation schedule look like? How much focus should you put on presentation? And what’s the follow up, to make yourself better? Join us for a conversation with two practitioners and set expectations in reality for preaching week in and week out.

Here is a pre-release link for the resource mentioned in the show: REGISTER

or, go here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXL5rg7wsBY_TXjKGisw3E5tkt4mzw6Gz6UU5_ut_e6iJjFA/viewform?usp=sf_link

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 4 – The Reality of Scarce Resources

Living in rurality has it’s advantages, but one clear problem for anyone living, working and serving “out there” is the lack of resources. Whether it’s stuff for the church, events to attend, or training to access, resources have always been a huge need in rurality. But, in this episode we introduce you to TheReplantHub.com 

The Rural Pastor Podcast – Episode 3 – The Battle of Isolation

It is possible to feel alone in the midst of the crowd, and the problem is even more real for the rural pastor. Why? Because the isolation is often not just perceived, but it’s a reality. There are ways to connect and resources to use, but it will take an intentional practice on the part of every rural leader to stay healthy


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